FAQ-1. What is Net Metering?

Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power and feed excessive electricity to DISCO/Wapda. For example, if a residential or commercial customers have a PV solar system, it may generate more electricity than their requirement during daylight hours, excess electricity feed to Wapda.

FAQ-2. How does Net Metering work?

The DISCO will install a single bi-directional meter that can both import and export energy. The DISCO may also opt to install two uni-directional meters – one to meter the energy you buy from your local DISCO, and the other to meter the energy you export to the DISCO.

FAQ-3. What is the need of Net Metering?

Any energy that a solar PV system may generate in excess of what is being used at that moment would be wasted if the consumer does not have a net-metering contract with the distribution company. If the system is net-metered, the electricity meter will run backwards to provide a credit against the electricity that is consumed at night or other
periods when the electricity consumption exceeds the output of the system.


FAQ-4. What is advantage of Net Metering to the Owner?

By generating electricity for own use, you reduce the amount of electricity you buy from your local DISCO. The rate of savings on electricity generated for own use is equivalent to the DISCO’s retail (off-peak) rate consisting of charges for generation, transmission, system loss, distribution, subsidies, taxes and other charges.You also get credit on your electricity bill of next billing cycle on any excess electricity exported to the DISCO equivalent to the DISCO’s blended generation cost, excluding other generation adjustments.


FAQ-5. Would the energy I export to the grid will be subtracted from the energy I will be importing from the grid?

Costumer will receive monthly net export/import bill indicating either net export to the grid or net import from the grid in case of net import bill, the DG will be billed for net kWh in accordance with the applicable tariff.

FAQ-6. What if I want to terminate the net-metering process?

If the DG wants to discontinue the selling of electricity to the DISCO, DG should send a thirty days advance notice to the DISCO in order to terminate the agreement between DG and DISCO.

FAQ-7. What is pay back of Net Metering Systems?

The payback period varies depending upon the size of the system and its utilization. The normal payback period for residential consumers varies from 7-10 years, for commercial consumers, varies from 6-9 years and for industrial consumers, it varies from 5-8 years depending upon system size, its utilization, solar resource availability, sunny days and optimal O&M of the system.


FAQ-8. Who provide me meter?

Electricity Distribution company DISCO will be providing meter.

FAQ-9. Can everyone get connection of net metering?

Any person who meets the requirements of a Distributed Generator as defined under the regulations 2(k) in NEPRA’s net metering rules qualifies to participate in the net metering program.

2(k): “Distributed Generator” means a distribution Company’s 3 phase 400V or 11kV consumer i.e. domestic, commercial or industrial and who owns and/or operates the Distribution Generation Facility, and is responsible for the rights and obligations related to Agreement and licensed by Authority under these regulations.

FAQ-10. Where can I get help and information?

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