Why Renewable Stars (Pvt.) Ltd.?

Since 2013, Renewable Stars has successfully completed over Hundred (100) projects for federal, provincial, government agencies, NGOs and Private Clients across the country.

  • Developed reputation for innovative, cost effective and environmentally conscientious Design, Supply, Installation & Services.
  • Our ability to “trouble-shoot” complex design and construction issues makes us especially valuable to our clients.
  • Our investigative experience with the evaluation of existing energy resources with smart renewable efficient and cost effective design.
  • Our flexibility and willingness to tackle vast variety of projects has been rewarded with repeat business and numerous on-going Supplies, Installation & Services contracts with a wide range of clients.

Site Surveys and Design

As designers, one of our primary objectives is to conduct pre-installation site surveys that proves to be a kick off to meet the distinctive goals and needs of each client. As a result, our projects prove to be of diversified design statements reflecting our varied clientele. We emphasize continuous interaction with our clients throughout the process, and careful selection of equipment as a basis for successful design. We design and specify all necessary components during pre-installation survey.

Feasibility Studies

Renewable Stars conducts feasibility studies to determine the maximum utilization and physical limitations of existing and potential facilities and sites. These studies also verify the site requirements, evaluate required solution, prepare project schedules and cost estimation. Comprehensive reports are also been prepared based on retrieved data.

Design & Suggestion Review

Renewable Stars routinely provides pre-installation third party design reviews (sometimes called “peer reviews”) of the projects. The purpose of which is to identify any characteristics that may result in failure of some component, such as insulation assessment, structural review and design solution. We also offers complete project review services, including independent analysis of the design wp themes of Installation; observation of construction for conformance with drawings, specifications and status of work; and a completion review to ensure that a site has been constructed in conformance with all applicable provisions.

Structural & Civil Engineering

As engineers, we understand that safety, flexibility and reliability are essential elements in the design of any kind of structure. To ensure that these criteria are met, Renewable Stars provides comprehensive structural and civil engineering services.

Our Structural & civil engineering services include: site improvements involving ground preparation, Solar/Hydel/Biogas/Other engineering insolation assessment, sun path assessment, Wind loading assessment, weight bearing capacity of civil structure, Lightening and thundering preventions, water drainage and sanitation etc.

Renewable Engineering projects have included commercial, retail and office buildings, adaptive reuse projects, multi-unit residential complexes, BTS Sites MSCs, hospitals, educational facilities and industrial buildings.

System Evaluations

Renewable Stars offers system evaluation covering comprehensive “check-up” of installed Renewable system. Post installation reports covering detailed super visioning procedures followed for the evaluation of every single component along with their performance are also considered expertise of our technical team.

Project Management & Construction Management

Our project management and construction management services cover all project phases from concept through planning and scheduling, design, value engineering and implementation. Our comprehensive experience allows us to not only manage the design process, but also understand the system installation and evaluation.

At Renewable Stars, we are not only Renewable System designers but also Renewable System Supplier, Renewable System Installer, Renewable System Evaluator. This has given us special insight into the vast variety of challenges that arise during the life-cycle of a project. The firm’s expertise in forensic architecture and engineering also greatly enhances our project management skills, as we can foresee and therefore avoid problems before they occur.