Renewable head

Renewable energies are the energy that is generated from resources which are continuously naturally replenished. Natural energies are available in many forms and renewable energies come from solar, wind, Biomass, geothermal, Hydroelectric, wave and tidal energy.

Solar energy

2Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy as it is available everywhere. The most popular technique of harvesting this energy is using PV panels that contains certain semiconductor materials, predominantly silicon that can produce an electric potential and induce current in loads when it is exposed to certain wavelengths of light. This effect is known as the “Photovoltaic Effect”. Thus luminous energy is transformed into electrical energy.

wind energy

11Moving wind has a huge amount of kinetic energy. This energy is harvested using windmills that have a wind turbine attached on the top coupled with a generator. The wind rotates the blades of the turbine. The blades forces the shaft to spin, which is connected to a generator that converts this mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Biomass Energy

4Biomass energy is harvested from natural organic matter such as recently deceased plants and animals. Energy is stored in organic matter in the form of chemical energy. This organic material is decomposed in digesters and this process produces biogas and heat. Biogas can be used to run electric generators or be used as fuel for cars or for cooking. The heat released increases the efficiency of the plant.


Geothermal energy

3Geothermal energy as the name suggests is heat energy harvested from the Earth. This renewable energy can be found in shallow grounds in some areas to many a miles deep in the earth’s surface. The heat comes from radioactive decay and magma present in the earth. A popular way of harvesting this energy is by pumping water into long pipes installed in the ground. This water absorbs the heat and comes back up in the form of steam that is used to turn turbines and generate electricity.


Hydroelectric energy

1This renewable energy gets from flowing of water. When water falls from lake or rivers, streams or waterfalls is conducted through water turbines, The pressure of flowing water on the blades of the turbines, Turbine blades rotates which cause the shaft to rotate, this rotation of shaft drives a generator, this mechanical energy convert into electrical energy.