Here at Renewable stars we have PEC registered engineers having experience and expertise in the field of Solar PV power systems. Our services at Renewable Stars include feasibility reports, energy requirement estimates, engineering designing, technical support, hardware installation, testing, commissioning and evaluation. Our specialists follow international standards to provide the most suitable PV solar solution.
Our highly professional skilled staff recommends only certified and latest technology and offer brilliant quality materials to our valuable customers.
We offer services in all types of PV systems including On-grid, Off-grid and hybrid PV solar systems.

Off Grid Solar System On Grid Solar System Hybrid Grid Solar System

3 Off-Grid Stand Alone






Off Grid Solar System Components On Grid Solar System Components Hybrid Grid Solar System Components
Solar PV Panel Solar PV Panel Solar PV Panel
Battery Bank —– Battery Bank
Inverter Inverter Inverter
Controller —– Controller
—– Net Meter —–
DC combiner and AC & DC breaker DC combiner and AC & DC breaker DC combiner and AC & DC breaker