Feasibility Study

  • We conducted the feasibility study for the furnishing solar energy to the people in FATA. This feasibility study included furnishing the Solar Home Systems (SHS), Solar Pumping Systems (SPS) and Solar Street Lights (SSL) to the people of 450 villages in FATA. Based on our feasibility study & PC-I was prepared. FATA Development Authority has also started implementation of the solar projects.

Supervision Projects

  • Supervising, verifying and certifying installation of solar energy systems (Solar Home Systems, Solar Water Pumps & Solar Street Lights) in 22 villages of FATA under a contract with FATA development Authority.
  • Post installation, inspection and evaluation of 700 Solar Home Systems (based on 25 % sampling) and 20 Solar Water Pumping Systems at remote villages of Chagi & Noshki districts of Baluchistan. The project was undertaken for Islamic Relief International, Pakistan.