Renewable stars Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has the country’s best consultants that are experts in conventional and non-conventional sources of energies. Furthermore it offers engineering services in all engineering fields.

Most Telecom BTS ( Base transceiver station) networks rely on large numbers of batteries of various types, age, capacity and condition—often assigned to applications of varying critical and operating under different temperature and cycling conditions. These batteries need regular maintenance and wp themes inspection. Mostly recommended batteries are VLRA battery.  The most economical and efficient use of manpower to optimize VRLA battery life, prevent telecommunications equipment service outage.  VRLA battery systems has indicated that after 5-8 years of service, the battery system can no longer maintain greater than 80% capacity, and replacement is necessary.

Renewable Stars provide their services in battery bank swap. Our team successfully completed BB swap phase 3 & 4.