About Us

Renewable Stars Private Limited was established after the amalgamation of country’s best consultants in their respective field of renewable energies. These consultants endorsed their decades of experience for the establishment of a platform that they could mutually utilize for the acquisition of their objective of developing and promoting renewable energies in Pakistan. Thus, the creation of the company successfully took place in September, 2013 with the stated objective.

Imran Yousaf Atif Naveed Khan Asif Shahzad
Director Technical Director Operations Project Manager
Imran Atif naveed shahzad
Ali Haroon Muhammad Haseeb Saad Zafar
Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager
Ali raza pic Haseeb Saad zafar

Our Objective

The objectives of the organization are as follows:

  • Providing a broad spectrum of expert consultancy services ranging from conception to completion and operation of projects.
  • Providing and developing dynamic and close business relationship with a variety of large local and international firms to form international consortiums.
  • Form spin-off companies pertaining to development of Science & Technology into profitable business and to invest into technology based projects.

Our Vision

To be the world class renewable energy solutions providing company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of the people of Pakistan by successfully introducing the Renewable Energies Technology in the country. This will be endeavored through bringing awareness in the people and providing them with most suitable solutions by keeping in mind the prudent utilization of their resources.

Key Competencies

Renewable Stars Private Limited has a dedicated team of licensed engineers and UK energy institute certified system installers to design and deliver systems that not only meet regulatory requirements but also meet customers’ expectations.

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