Atif Naveed Khan

Contact No. +92 3215256599,
Objective  To pursue my career in a reputed and progressive organization that allows me to solicit my engineering capabilities in a dynamic and challenging work environment.
Key experience  More than Five Years of working experience in Development of Proposals, Feasibility Reports, Presentations, Designing, Planning, Coordination, Management, Implementation, Installation, Supervision, Commissioning  &  Evaluation of Renewable Energy Projects with especial focus on Stand alone, Hybrid and Grid Connected Solar PV Systems.

  • Feasibility study for Solar Electrification, Solar Pumping System, Solar Thermal & Energy Audit for Basic Health Units and Rural Health Centers for Canadian Red Cross Society in Battagram and Swat Districts.
  • Feasibility study for the use of solar energy in FATA for provisioning of Solar Home Systems (SHS), Solar Pumping Systems (SPS) & Solar Street Lights (SSL) covering 450 villages


  •  Inspection & Evaluation of about eleven hundred Solar Home Systems, three pumping systems and ten street lights installed at Khyber, Bajaur & Mohmand agencies, FATA.


  • Installation of 65 KW Hybrid Grid Tie Solar PV System in one of the leading Biscuit Factory in Hattar
  • Installation of 3 Solar Pumping Systems installed at Tehsil Jamrud, Khyber agency.
  • Installation of Solar Street light, installed at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Professional experience Consultant       (Solar Tech Private Ltd.)
Since   November  2012 till dateFor providing solutions on Solar Home Systems, Solar Pumping Systems, Solar Street lights and other energy related projects. Consultant       (SolarNow)         October 2013 – February 2014Energy Consultant for Solar Now for their commercial projects. Prepared proposals & delivered Technical Presentations for commercial sectors related to Solar Electrification and Solar Pumping systems.  Director Projects (Renewable Stars Pvt. Ltd)

(December, 2014 – To date)

  • Responsible for Design and preparation of cost estimates/BOQs and implementation of Renewable Energy (Solar Home Solution, Solar water Pumps, wind mills/pumps, micro hydal, bio mass etc) activities.
  • Responsible for suggesting and developing photovoltaic (PV) off-grid solar systems as per site conditions meant for lighting and solar pumping etc.
  • Providing instructions to the Area/Field offices concerning civil works, materials and workmanship including progress of work.
  • To check the functionality of electrical and mechanical devices and equipment installed in the field.
  • To prepare monthly and quarterly progress reports as per approved formats. The report highlights the major achievements during the quarter; gaps occurred and suggest appropriate remedial measures.
  • Coordinates programs to improve energy efficiency and renewable energy use in the residential and commercial sectors
  • Program planning and evaluation of projects and programs.
  • Ensure in-time initiation/completion and follow of quality work specifications during inspection visits i.e. workmanship, quantum of work, quality control tests, manufacturing and installation of Renewable energy projects.
  • Takes responsibility for implementation and outcomes, including cost-effectiveness, community equity, and tracking.
  • Guiding and training of teams in implementation of Renewable Energy projects.
  • Making case studies and reports of successful Renewable Energy projects installed.
  • Ensure that project is implemented according to the plan and pin pointing the grey areas.
  • Preparing/assisting monthly, quarterly and yearly Progress Reports & work plans.
  • Represent the company at different Renewable Energy Forums


National University of Sciences and Technology

Since   October  2010 till November-2014

Assistant Manager

  • Lead Operations of projects from the front.
  • Responsible for project planning, budgeting and cost control.
  • Preparation of Inception & Feasibility Reports
  • Preparation of PC-1s based on Feasibility wp themes Reports
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents
  • Bidding Evaluating Member
  • Pre / Post Responsibilities (Alternate Energy Projects)
  • Pre and post project activities from operations prospective.
  • Synergize between Operations and other departments
  • Design and implement improved service delivery tracking and reporting for the vendors
  • Assisting management in planning of Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Design and suggest most appropriate solutions for renewable projects.
  • Develop and deliver progress reports, feasibility reports, proposals, requirements and documentations as per deliverables.
  • Track project milestones and deliverables.
  • Coordination with the team deployed in the field for supervising the work being accomplished by the contractors.
  • To maintain close coordination between the client, Contractor and field team supervising the implementation work.
  • To visit the site areas for enhanced coordination of data acquisition/ verification.
  • To get data from the field and scrutinize it for developing project reports.
  • To prepare reports covering Solar Home Systems, Solar Pumping Systems & Solar Street Lights supervised.
  • To maintain updated status of the project and keep the higher management fully informed about it.
  • To attend the coordination meetings with the client and the contractor.
  • To maintain close coordination with Manager Finance for keeping updated records of payments both received and outstanding against the work accomplished.
  • To assist the higher management in verifying the jobs accomplished with respect to contractor’s invoices submitted for clearing them for payments by the client.
  • Communication with the Management at all levels, managing their expectations for project delivery, escalating project issues and recommendations to senior leadership as appropriate.
  • Participation for development of future renewable & other projects
  • Coordination for participation in different exhibitions/ symposiums.


Emerging Systems

Since   August 2009 to October 2010

Design Engineer

  • Planning and Management of Alternate Energy Projects.
  • Designing of Solar Home Systems & Solar Pumping Systems as per client requirement
  • To assist the sales officer technically.
  • Technical Presentations.
  • Key player for the new initiatives/ development of renewable energy projects and service delivery monitoring system  
Academic  Qualification
  • MS Energy Systems Engineering ( Course Work Completed, Thesis In Progress)

( National University of Sciences and Technology)

  •  BE Electrical Engineering ( National University of Sciences and Technology)
Professional Trainings/Courses
  • Design & Installation Training of Solar Systems at Skilled Development Center, Islamabad.
  • Renewable Energy Resources at Professional Development Centre (PDC), NUST, Islamabad.
  • Two day workshop organized by Centre for Energy Systems- Centre for Advanced Studies (CES-CAS) NUST in collaboration with German expert on industry solar applications (Feb 2014)
  • A lecture on “Net Energy Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems firmed by Energy Storage” delivered by “Prof. Sally Benson” from School of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University, U.S.A (Jan 2014)
  • One day symposium on Renewable Energy Technology in (PCRET) Islamabad (Dec 2013).
  • Seminar by Renewable Energy Technologies on “Solar Energy” by Mr. Ammer Raza International Finding Agency (Feb 2011)
  • Attend “Semiconductor and PV material Devices” seminar by Dr.Rubi Gul in CES-NUST (Feb 2011)
  • Attend seminar on “Tariff Regime in Pakistan for Power Generation Projects” by CEO Star Hydro.
Products Operating Systems:   Dos, Windows, Linux environment.Spread Sheets              Ms ExcelWord Processors:       MS WordLanguages:              C++, Visual Basic,Engineering Design Tools: MATLAB, SimulinkRenewable Energy Design ToolsIHOGA, RETscreen, HOMER, PV Sol, T Sol,Compass Software (Solar Pumping System Design)Presentation:            MS-PowerPoint, Flash, CorelDraw
Personal Father Name :              Zafar Iqbal Asim

Date Of Birth :                  22nd June 1987

N.I.C No. :                         37405-3761297-3

Marital Status:                  Married


Renewable Stars Private Limited was established after the amalgamation of country’s best consultants in their respective field of renewable energies. These consultants endorsed their decades of experience for the establishment of a platform that they could mutually utilize for the acquisition of their objective of developing and promoting renewable energies in Pakistan. Thus, the creation of the company successfully took place in September, 2013 with the stated objective.

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